Record high-quality audio and video in your Pirate studio with Audigo


Audigo connects to any Pirate studio system to capture great sounding audio or video - shot from anywhere in the room. All automatically synced and saved to your phone through the Audigo app. Audigo can help you to capture your best moments in the studio and create great social content, without needing to do any editing.


  • Make social content that stands out with pro audio + video capture
  • Record your set with studio quality - listen back, learn and share
  • No editing required. Audio and video are automatically synced on your phone
  • Just ask for Audigo at the studio rental desk


  1. Book your studio
  2. Grab Audigo at the rental desk and we’ll get you set up
  3. Record studio captured audio or audio & video saved to your phone
  4. Return Audigo to the rental desk


Is my phone compatible with Audigo?

Audigo is currently iOS only

Where can I download the Audigo App?

Directly from the iOS App Store

Will Audigo use my mobile data allowance?

No, Audigo only uses Bluetooth and the studio's Wi-Fi

Will Audigo use my phone storage?

Audio records to its own internal memory, however you will need space on your phone to download the recordings to take them with you.

How does it record my session?

DJ Studios: Audigo connects to the REC OUT of the mixer and captures the same signal being sent to the speakers

Rehearsal Studios: Audigo connects to 2 studio quality mics positioned on the ceiling

Recording studios: Audigo connects to the audio interface and captures the same signal being sent to the speakers

Where can I download my recording from?

You can save the recording directly from the Audigo app

What do I do if it's not working?

Please speak to the team on the rental desk for help with Audigo